Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Personal Announcement

It would appear that I have been super-banned from TV Tropes. This is a term that I made up, because it doesn't actually have a name. The details behind how it works aren't especially important- the main object of import is that it is a ban far more severe than any listed in official TV Tropes materials. What software cannot do, the human element takes over- the mods have threatened to lock the thread of anyone who makes any reference to my past existence. I have been told that I may direct any further questions on this matter to Fast Eddie via the Private Message service through my dummy account, but I find the prospects of this going any helpful direction to be unlikely.

I was expecting something like this to happen. Well, sort of- several months ago I was edit-banned for reasons which come to think of it still haven't been explained to me. I prepared myself for the possibility of being perma-banned at that time, but it never came to pass and my ban was lifted after a very long Wiki Talk discussion on broader wiki policy in which nothing was really accomplished except the lifting of said ban. In the lead-up to that discussion I had admittedly performed some of what may be called "major page actions". I stopped doing those after that as a show of good faith but it would appear that these edits were not the problem, since I have again been banned in spite of the fact that I haven't committed any of these in the time since said Wiki Talk discussion.

TV Tropes, for all its faults, has taught me much about narrative so I will not at this time divulge what my best guesses are as to why I was really banned (besides, it's still possible albeit grossly unlikely that Fast Eddie will actually give me an explanation at some point). In a sense this outcome may have been inevitable. The history as I've related to you thus far concerns an early time, back when this kind of banning would have been unthinkable for anyone who wasn't an explicit, persistent wiki vandal. My edits have never really changed that much- it's the shifting times that have finally graced me with that label.

This blog will go on- until we reach the point of my untimely demise there's still much about the history of TV Tropes that has long since been purged from the site and which is unlikely to be related to anyone by those few who still remember the chain of events that led up to it aside from myself. You'll have to accept my apology that my information from henceforth will only be accurate up to January 11th, 2011. It's entirely possible that in the months to come, the admins will have a change of heart. A serious effort could be initiated to better patrol the site and fix its errors. Common tropers could be included in conversations instead of being talked down to when they dare bring grievances to Trope Repair Shop. A concrete policy could be set up outlining appropriate wiki behavior, making it clear which actions are acceptable and which are not.

All of these could conceivably happen. But as these are unlikely events, I will continue writing this blog. Better safe than sorry, after all.

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